How Often Should You Flip a Mattress?

You adore your mattress, but it’s been a while since you purchased it, and you’re contemplating whether to flip it or not. Initially, this approach was brought into the bedding business to address the deterioration of spring mattresses over time. However, with the introduction of newer types of memory foam and hybrid materials, this long-standing habit is gradually fading away. For more information, please visit

For decades, the mattress industry’s standard recommendation was to rotate and turn your mattress regularly to help extend its life and increase comfort. However, due to advancements in the construction of modern mattresses, this advice is no longer consistently accurate. So, should you flip or rotate your mattress in the twenty-first century?

The answer is contingent upon the design of your mattress. In general, most mattresses should be turned regularly but not flipped. Next, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of rotating or flipping mattresses and how frequent rotation or flipping may help extend the life of your mattress.

How Frequently Should a Mattress Be Flipped?

So, is it possible to flip a pillow-top mattress? Is it possible to flip a memory foam mattress? Most mattress shops do not advocate it since the materials used in modern mattresses have changed, making the flip a thing of the past. Flipping was formerly advised for innerspring mattresses without a top comfort layer.

You could suppose the lifespan of turning your bed increases since the bulk of the coat is one-sided (in contrast to previous coatings) nowadays, meaning that flipping the coat would reveal a moisturized foam, hybrids foam, or pillow top, making the coat much less pleasant – and unsuitable. You can break the previous behavior and keep cooking pancakes on Sunday morning!

How Frequently Should Your Mattress Be Rotated

Thus, how can you extend the life of your mattress? Many sleepers choose to rotate their mattresses to ensure an equitable distribution of wear on their mattress. By rotating your mattress regularly, you may extend the life of the bed and help maintain your spine in neutral alignment.

If you’re considering rotating your mattress, bear in mind that this is often preferable practice for pillow top and deluxe comfort mattresses, which have more padding or support on top. Rotating the mattress merely helps it to smooth out over time, giving you a fresh, more supportive sensation. Therefore, the next time your mattress appears to need a refresh, a nice 180-degree turn should suffice!

When to Replace Your Mattress

When reversing and spinning are no longer sufficient, it’s usually time to update. While these methods can extend the life of your mattress, you will ultimately need to replace it. If your mattress remains unsupportive or uncomfortably firm after rotating, purchasing a new bed is the best course of action. However, there is no need to be concerned – we have you covered! When you’re ready to enhance your sleeping area, visit your local Mattress Firm location to discover your most excellent sleep yet.